The executive committee of the annual Pike Road Arts and Crafts Fair releases the following statement: 

The Pike Road Community and Civic Clubs have a longstanding tradition of hosting the Pike Road Arts and Crafts Fair. This volunteer-run event brings vendors and consumers together each November to enjoy shopping for the holiday season. For the last 48 years, the event has been held without a break in scheduling. 

Unfortunately, approaching the 2015 event, the Pike Road Arts and Crafts Fair executive committee faced a unique set of circumstances. The weather throughout the past two weeks and the forecast for rain on the day of the event has left the committee with no choice, but to cancel this year’s fair.

In an effort to be as considerate as possible to everyone involved, the committee met to access the situation at the event site on Tuesday, November 3. After considering all options, the final decision was made to cancel the event. The decision did not come easy, but was made out of an abundance of caution for all of the vendors and shoppers. The continuous rainfall has created an environment at the fair site that will not allow for a safe event. The committee considered an alternate location; however, one was not available that would accommodate both vendor booths and parking. The committees considered rescheduling, but conflicts with vendor scheduling would not allow this to be as effective. Finally, the committee decided to announce this decision immediately in hopes of giving as much notice as possible to those who had plans to travel and needed to make arrangements.

Members of the executive committee also understood that many of the loyal consumers have already purchased tickets. To acknowledge and respect their support, the committee plans to honor those pre-purchased tickets at next year’s event. Further, the executive committee is planning to meet within the next few weeks to determine how to work with the vendors to assist them as we approach the 2016 event. 

The executive committee thanks the Town of Pike Road and others who are assisting as we consider ways to learn from this experience. We appreciate the understanding of so many visitors and vendors. The volunteers are proud of the success of previous events and look forward to continuing the tradition and plan for a successful 50th Pike Road Arts and Crafts Festival in 2016. 


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The Marks House, Pike Road, Alabama, Circa 1825

The Marks House was built between 1825 and 1830 by William Matthews Marks, the son of Nicholas Meriwether Marks. Dr. H. B. “Woody” Bartlett bought it in 1957. A “Thanksgiving Visitor” starring Truman Capote was filmed here in 1957. Dr. Bartlett has consented for the Community to use it as a community center without charge resulting in this landmark is being preserved.

Our 50th Fair and a Great Holiday Shopping Opportunity!

Enjoy a Fun Day in the Country! Come spend a Fall day in the country at the 50th annual Pike Road Arts & Crafts Fair from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, November 5, 2016. See over 250 artists and craft vendors display their beautiful and unique wares on the grounds of the historic Marks House (circa 1825). Shopping doesn’t get any better than this.

Come for the shopping or come for the food! Enjoy delicious pulled pork BBQ sandwiches, homemade chicken salad, pimento cheese sandwiches, fried chicken and much more. Sample homemade goodies from the Sweet Shop inside the Marks House – cakes, pies, candy, and cookies. Pick up a dozen melt-in-your-mouth Mocha Cakes - Pike Road’s signature bite size sweet treat. Again, this year there will be a special Mocha Nut “Hut” which will sell only Mocha Nut Cakes.

The Pike Road Arts & Crafts Fair is one of the oldest craft fairs in Alabama.

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