Save The Date: The Pike Road Arts & Crafts Fair at the Historic Marks House is November 2nd, 2019!

The Pike Road Arts & Crafts Fair


The Pike Road Civic

The Pike Road Civic Club is a non-profit organization that was formed over 70 years ago by a group of ladies who lived in the rural community of Pike Road.  These civic minded ladies helped throughout the community by reaching out to local families, local churches and the original Pike Road School to assist with their volunteer services and monetary donations.  

Today, the Pike Road Civic Club still follows the excellent example of sharing love and service set-forth by the founding members.  The Civic Club donates all their money to many different non-profit organizations and charities.  M.A.N.E.  (Montgomery Area Nontraditional Equestrians) provides therapeutic horseback riding opportunities for children and adults with emotional, physical, cognitive and developmental disabilities,  MACOA (Montgomery Area Council On Aging) assists senior citizens by providing services to promote independent living and Meals on Wheels, and Operation Christmas Child-Samaritan’s Purse are just examples of some of the organizations the Civic Club donates money to.  The Pike Road Civic Club proudly gives scholarships to high school senior students who have reached a certain GPA and are very active in their church and community.  Also, monies are given to help the local volunteer fire departments in the area.  The Pike Road Civic Club meets monthly in the beautiful, historic Marks House. 

The Pike Road Community Club

The Pike Road Community Club was formed in 1965 at the historic Marks House to provide families in the rural Pike Road community a place to fellowship and have a recreational area to enjoy.  The Pike Road Community Club still provides a beautiful setting for family functions, recreation, weddings, and a meeting place for other community organizations to meet.

The Pike Road Community Club maintains the Marks House to ensure the Marks House remains as beautiful and functional as ever for this generation and the generations to come.

The Marks House

The Marks House was built between 1825 and 1830 by William Matthews Marks, the son of Nicholas Meriwether Marks. Dr. H. B. “Woody” Bartlett bought it in 1957.  A “Thanksgiving Visitor” starring Truman Capote was filmed here in 1957.  Dr. Bartlett has consented for the Community to use it as a community center without charge resulting in this landmark is being preserved.

The History of The Pike Road Arts & Crafts Fair

The Pike Road Arts & Crafts Fair was started over 55 years ago by the Pike Road Civic Club ladies.  The Civic Club needed a way to raise money for their many charitable endeavors.  The Fair started out with the ladies selling items from their own attics and handmade items they themselves made or crafted.  The food items sold during the earlier years were peanut butter sandwiches, BBQ their husbands cooked in their backyards, vegetables they grew, picked and cooked, and baked breads, cakes, pies  and  later our world famous Mocha Nut Squares.  

Several years later, the Pike Road Community Club offered their services to help with the Fair and so it began a wonderful partnership between the two clubs.

Over the 55 plus years, the Pike Road Arts & Crafts Fair has grown into one of the largest and oldest outdoor arts and crafts fairs in the Southeast.  

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Mailing Address:

Pike Road Civic & Community Club
The Pike Road Arts & Crafts Fair
P.O. Box 640202
Pike Road, AL 36064

 Physical Address:

Marks House
890 Old Carter Hill Road
Pike Road, AL 36064